Review of Shark Steam Pocket Mop (S3501)

The Shark Steam Pocket Mop is lightweight, making it perfect for any homemaker to use for non-stop cleaning. It produces super-heated steam in just half a minute for 99% natural cleaning and sanitization of hard floors.

It offers the benefit of quick cleaning with its XL water capacity tank where there’s no need of frequently emptying and filling it. It’s double sided microfiber pads help cover double the floor area at the flip of a pocket pad.

Perfect for stubborn stains

The energized Shark S3501 steam pocket mop uses the help of steam for superior deep cleaning of your floors including wood, tile, vinyl and linoleum. This is the best product to have at home to get rid of all the stuck grime and filth marks on floors.

More cleaning area

The Shark Pocket mop mops with a 12” wider cleaning path because of its two-sided microfiber pads. This thus covers more floor area with a single sweep. It also has various helpful accessories to reach the nooks and corners of your home. This includes two different heads- one triangular and another rectangular shaped, 2 carpet pads, 2 floor pads and a water cup all to use as and when needed.

Extra large water tank

The Shark Steam pocket mop boasts of an XL water capacity water tank which makes mopping so easy and quick as you can continuously mop for hours. Along with superior cleaning benefits, the steam mop also dries faster. .


A lightweight steam mop, this mop is rather easy to handle. It can be easily carried around for your cleaning needs, and shouldn’t be a problem even if you have a weak back or sprained wrists. (source

Chemical free

The Shark Steam mop doesn’t use any chemicals in its cleaning process. It uses just the help of steam, and a natural mopping action to produce super-heated steam for 99.9% sanitization of your floors. You are thus confidant of a germ-free and a chemical-free clean-up.


  • Deep cleans all types of floorings including tile, vinyl, wood and linoleum in a single swoop.
  • Offers chemical-free cleaning
  • Cleans using only superheated tap water and its two-sided microfiber pads
  • Lightweight and easy to handle to clean dried spills, dust and ground-in dirt
  • Heats up in just 30 seconds and dries very quickly too
  • Automatically releases steam with push-forward motion
  • Has a one year warranty
  • Comes with 2 washable microfiber pads which lift and lock dirt
  • Easy to manoeuvre using its soft-grip handle
  • 25-foot power cord is easily released to clean lengthy areas and easily stored after use


  • Some complain of receiving a refurbished unit after ordering for a brand new one
  • Some units don’t produce steam or even warm up
  • Even if the steam comes out good and strong, it tends to fizzle out after a while
  • It’s not possible to get more power steam
  • The water tank flips upside down while flipping the mop head over, which makes the feature pointless

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