Review of IRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The iRobot Roomba 650 should be a God-send if you are fed up of vacuum cleaners choking up on pet hair! Yes, if you are looking for a simpler solution to remove shed pet hair, this should be it.

This robotic floor cleaner functions on a winning combination of powerful brushes and suction which do not get clogged by pet hair and debris. In fact, this robotic vacuum cleaner was designed specifically for pet owners!

3 stage cleaning system

This machine runs on a three-stage cleaning system. It first loosens the material, secondly removes debris using its high power suction and thirdly ensures the area is thoroughly cleaned before moving on. So efficient is it at removing debris that it often picks up debris other devices leave behind!

Advanced sensors

The iRobot Roomba has an exceptional sensor system which detects the dirtiest areas on floors. By spending more time on the dirtiest areas, it cleans these areas as well as the rest of the flooring. By cleaning every section of the flooring, you needn’t return to clean up missed spots.

Push button control

Anyone can use the iRobot Roomba as it’s so easy to use, with a large button on its top. The button turns green when switched on, indicating it’s ready for use. If the battery goes low, the button goes yellow and turns red when the battery is dead.

Pressing the dock button sends the vacuum cleaner to the home base for storing and recharging purposes. Pressing the spot button programs the iRobot to clean only selected areas, perfect for small clean-up jobs.

Auto-schedule cleanings

Just press a few buttons to program and schedule the iRobot for a maximum of 7 cleaning sessions on your preferred dates and time.

Optimal suction power

The robotic carpet cleaner has a patented AreoVac feature with spinning brushes along its sides which loosens debris for the powerful suction to pick up. This design helps the iRobotRoomba 650 lift up all the dirt and debris other products usually leave behind.

Maintenance kit

A brush cleaning kit helps remove any debris stuck on the brushes. Maintaining the brushes helps ensure your robotic cleaner functions at optimal levels all the time.


  • Small and compact, weighing only 12 pounds
  • Works on any type or height of carpeting and on tile, linoleum and hardwood flooring
  • Automatically adjusts itself while moving between rooms.
  • Bin doesn’t need frequent emptying as it’s slightly larger than other models
  • Easy to use with a one touch start
  • Detects stairs, furniture and cords
  • Stronger suction power than other similar products
  • Beside its charging dock, the iRobot can be charged through an electrical socket and cord
  • 12 month limited warranty


  • A bit expensive
  • Takes a long time for battery to charge
  • It depth cleaning feature spends 45 minutes to an hour to clean an average sized floor
  • It may get stuck while moving from a carpet to a flooring surface.

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