Best Carpet Cleaner Review

Today, it is difficult enough to find a hostess who still cleans the apartment with broom – it is more efficient to use a carpet cleaner. However, many things depend on what kind of equipment you select, as modern manufacturers offer a variety of models, each of which has its own features and characteristics that affect the operation of the carpet cleaner. And today we’ll tell you how to choose a carpet cleaner for the house so that it would meet all your requirements.

How to choose a carpet cleaner in power?

Firstly it should be said that the cleanliness of your home depends on power of the equipment.

For example, if we are talking about cleaning of linoleum, flooring or carpet with small pile, it is better to choose a carpet cleaner with a power of 300 aeroVt.

If there are carpets in your room with fluffy pile, it is desirable to choose the equipment with the power of up to 450 aeroVt.

If you are going to use the equipment for wet cleaning, it is preferable to choose a carpet cleaner with a power of about 550 aeroVt for powerful cleaning – at least 650 aeroVt.

But carpet cleaners running on power in 800 aeroVt are used only in professional technics, which is used by cleaning companies.

Do not forget that the quality of device depends on how the dust bag is filled and how well the filter is cleared.

Many housewives think that for cleaning it is preferable to stay on the washing machine, with which you can make dry and wet cleaning. And all thanks to the fact that equipment has aquafiltering. However, the cost of such equipment is very high. In addition, this carpet cleaner is large in size, which means that you have to think in advance where to install it, especially if the apartment is small. But if you decided to buy a washing device, you need to know how to make the right choice.
First of all, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

Power. If you have financial capabilities, it is better to choose the most powerful device that will leave clean and dry surface.

Water tank. For a one-room apartment it is enough to have a carpet cleaner with 4 liters of reservoir, for two-bedroom it is better to choose about 5 liters, if we are talking about big house, then at least – 8 liters.

Nozzles. Set with usual nozzle includes special electro brush, which is used for cleaning carpets, nozzle for cleaning tile and glazed tile. However, the larger the nozzles are, the higher the price of the equipment is.

If you want to buy the machine only for dry cleaning, you will not have any problems in the selection, besides the cost of such equipment is small, and its size is quite acceptable.

In fact, it is difficult to say which carpet cleaner is better to choose, because the choice should be individual – it depends on the basic indicators of the machine and the result that you want to get at the end.


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