How to Choose the Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners

With so many lightweight vacuum cleaners on the market how do you know which one you should choose? These types of vacuum cleaners are bagless, which makes them so lightweight. Instead of a bag, they have a canister that you have to empty when it gets full. In addition, they are also cost effective because you do not have to spend money on purchasing bags for the vacuum cleaner. Knowing your requirements will help you know which of the lightweight vacuum cleaners you should choose.

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Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners and how to Choose the Right One

  • The capacity—the first thing that you should consider is the capacity. These types of vacuums have a variety of capacities which means that some can hold more dirt and dust than others. If you are planning to use the vacuum as a portable hand-held type for frequent pick-ups of small messes, you should pick the one that has the largest capacity. The same applies if you have a lot of carpet to clean you would want one with a large capacity so you do not have to empty the canister as often.
  • Compare the weight of the vacuums—you want to make sure that the vacuum is easy to use and manipulate, especially if you are going to be vacuuming a lot of carpet areas. Even if they claim to be lightweight vacuum cleaners they can be heavy to handle. You want to make sure that you do not cause any unnecessary pain to your wrists or hands, especially if you have joint pain or arthritis.
  • Check out all the features—no matter if you are looking at a hand-held or floor type vacuum cleaner you want to see what type of attachments comes with it. You want to see if it has any extensions that you can add to help you get to those hard-to-reach places, and if there are any brush attachments to clean your sofas and chairs.
  • Do you want a cord or no cord—some of the lightweight vacuum cleaners, especially the hand-held ones, are battery operated and when not in use is kept on the battery charger. If the vacuum cleaner is just for small messes to clean up this would be the ideal one to choose. If you are going to vacuum your carpets daily and have a large area to vacuum, it would be advisable to choose the one with a cord. This way you can be assured that you will not have to stop if the battery runs down nor will you have to remember to recharge it after each use. Most of the ones that need to be charged only last five to thirty minutes before they need recharging.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are many different things you need to take in consideration before you choose your vacuum cleaner. Knowing your requirements when you decide to purchase lightweight vacuum cleaners will help to make your decision easier and quicker.

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The Best Choice of Steam Mops

Steam mops unquestionably are certainly a phenomenal choice for cleansing the house or office. The occasions using a bucket and mop are extended gone because the introduction of small business. Cleaning the floor when using the traditional bucket and mop normally takes the muck within just the floor and distribute it all-around. Business enterprise uses the power of heat to extract muck and destroy bacteria when working with the warmth. Numerous producers claim that they can offer the very best rated steam mop or maybe quite possibly the most effective rated steamer, although moderately talking be it reliable they are great. Outlined below are some specifics to think about when choosing one of the most effective rated steam vapor cleaner for ones workplace or house.

The Best Steam Mops

Volume of device to warm-up: Whenever you wish to thoroughly clean your flooring you wont have to wait to prolonged for really much any unit to warm-up. Nowadays several may well be fully ready with the few of momemts.

Measurement the cord: Numerous steam mops do not have really prolonged cords requiring the purchaser to regularly cease and unplug and plug-in once more in an additional outlet. Consider affixing a fantastic 50 ft extension cord in your unit to supply an opportunity to go over even bigger areas devoid of requiring to prevent.

Suction ability: New technology by some producers like Bissell has presented them an opportunity to pick out the particles the steam has lifted for ones surface area just like a vacuum. That is usually a considerable ease and time short-cut.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleansing Capacity: Quite a few skin skin cleansers include an attachment that will help you to sanitize your carpets and steam your furniture, counters, bedding and much more by permitting an attachment. This feature will most likely add yet another Ten Dollars on cost, while could possibly be a nice feature just in case you put it on.

Tank: Many have a incredibly removable tank to fill with water simpler verse necessitating to take advantage from the purification to fill the steamer.

Fundamental essentials key features to take into account when selecting your better self steam mop to your place of work or house. Lots of people own steam canisters to scrub all your property, although for every day cleaning together with a good investment typically under $150 you may even greatly benefit through getting a steam mop to be capable of not spend your time. Regardless of manufacturer you will see that obtaining the ground cleaner such as this makes your existence simpler, your flooring substantially cleaner along with your back feeling a great deal better from not requiring to ever take advantage from the traditional mop once again by using Steam Mops.

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Best Carpet Cleaner Review

Today, it is difficult enough to find a hostess who still cleans the apartment with broom – it is more efficient to use a carpet cleaner. However, many things depend on what kind of equipment you select, as modern manufacturers offer a variety of models, each of which has its own features and characteristics that affect the operation of the carpet cleaner. And today we’ll tell you how to choose a carpet cleaner for the house so that it would meet all your requirements.

How to choose a carpet cleaner in power?

Firstly it should be said that the cleanliness of your home depends on power of the equipment.

For example, if we are talking about cleaning of linoleum, flooring or carpet with small pile, it is better to choose a carpet cleaner with a power of 300 aeroVt.

If there are carpets in your room with fluffy pile, it is desirable to choose the equipment with the power of up to 450 aeroVt.

If you are going to use the equipment for wet cleaning, it is preferable to choose a carpet cleaner with a power of about 550 aeroVt for powerful cleaning – at least 650 aeroVt.

But carpet cleaners running on power in 800 aeroVt are used only in professional technics, which is used by cleaning companies.

Do not forget that the quality of device depends on how the dust bag is filled and how well the filter is cleared.

Many housewives think that for cleaning it is preferable to stay on the washing machine, with which you can make dry and wet cleaning. And all thanks to the fact that equipment has aquafiltering. However, the cost of such equipment is very high. In addition, this carpet cleaner is large in size, which means that you have to think in advance where to install it, especially if the apartment is small. But if you decided to buy a washing device, you need to know how to make the right choice.
First of all, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

Power. If you have financial capabilities, it is better to choose the most powerful device that will leave clean and dry surface.

Water tank. For a one-room apartment it is enough to have a carpet cleaner with 4 liters of reservoir, for two-bedroom it is better to choose about 5 liters, if we are talking about big house, then at least – 8 liters.

Nozzles. Set with usual nozzle includes special electro brush, which is used for cleaning carpets, nozzle for cleaning tile and glazed tile. However, the larger the nozzles are, the higher the price of the equipment is.

If you want to buy the machine only for dry cleaning, you will not have any problems in the selection, besides the cost of such equipment is small, and its size is quite acceptable.

In fact, it is difficult to say which carpet cleaner is better to choose, because the choice should be individual – it depends on the basic indicators of the machine and the result that you want to get at the end.


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Snoogle pillow review

Snoogle pillow review

Are you finding it difficult to sleep as your bed is filled with so many pillows and there is hardly any space for you to turn around? The problem is you can’t do much about it as you need so many pillows for a good night’s sleep.

You need one pillow to support your back, another to place in between your knees for temperature control and perhaps another one or two to elevate your head to help with your breathing.

Things get even worse if you are pregnant as you need an additional pillow for tummy support. And there is the back, neck, hip and abdominal pain you have to endure throughout the pregnancy. So instead of compromising on your bed spaces, and get to sleep well without these aches and pains, why not start using a Leachco Snoogle pillow instead?

Designed to match your body shape

The Snoogle is a pillow which was uniquely designed by a registered nurse to match your body’s natural shape and contour to give you a good night’s sleep. It comes with a horseshoe shaped pillow head which helps you get the right position and height to comfortably sleep in.

It has an extra long midsection that is wide enough to provide total back or tummy support. It has a slightly curved end that tucks well in between your knees to conform to your body’s shape and keep you cool and comfortable through the night.

Reduces heartburn and helps with breathing

The Snoogle pillow is made of durable and comfortable lead, latex, phthalate and BPA-free material which maintains its shape and comfort even after prolonged and frequent use. It thus aptly supports those parts of your body which needs the required prenatal and postnatal support for pregnant women.

It’s useful not only during pregnancy, but also during the mother’s recovery from delivery and while breastfeeding her baby. It proves especially helpful while breastfeeding as it reduces the chances of the baby’s face getting smothered if and when the mother feeds her baby while lying on the bed.

It also helps reduce heartburn which is common in pregnant women in the third trimester. It also helps with temperature control and helps in breathing by propping the head up while sleeping.

Removable pillow cover

The pillow is available in both dark and white covers which are both removable and washable. It’s also lightweight, making it convenient to carry the pillow around to use in the house as and where required.

However as the pillow is long and cannot be deflated, it cannot be carried around while travelling. If the pillow needs a wash, all you need to do is pop it into the machine and it comes out washed and ready to use.

Just try this pillow and you won’t repent investing in it. the Snoogle is indeed a blessing in disguise to all those pregnant women who find it so difficult getting a good night’s sleep. Not only pregnant women, even people with back and neck pain benefit a lot from the pillow.

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Review of Shark Steam Pocket Mop (S3501)

The Shark Steam Pocket Mop is lightweight, making it perfect for any homemaker to use for non-stop cleaning. It produces super-heated steam in just half a minute for 99% natural cleaning and sanitization of hard floors.

It offers the benefit of quick cleaning with its XL water capacity tank where there’s no need of frequently emptying and filling it. It’s double sided microfiber pads help cover double the floor area at the flip of a pocket pad.

Perfect for stubborn stains

The energized Shark S3501 steam pocket mop uses the help of steam for superior deep cleaning of your floors including wood, tile, vinyl and linoleum. This is the best product to have at home to get rid of all the stuck grime and filth marks on floors.

More cleaning area

The Shark Pocket mop mops with a 12” wider cleaning path because of its two-sided microfiber pads. This thus covers more floor area with a single sweep. It also has various helpful accessories to reach the nooks and corners of your home. This includes two different heads- one triangular and another rectangular shaped, 2 carpet pads, 2 floor pads and a water cup all to use as and when needed.

Extra large water tank

The Shark Steam pocket mop boasts of an XL water capacity water tank which makes mopping so easy and quick as you can continuously mop for hours. Along with superior cleaning benefits, the steam mop also dries faster. .


A lightweight steam mop, this mop is rather easy to handle. It can be easily carried around for your cleaning needs, and shouldn’t be a problem even if you have a weak back or sprained wrists. (source

Chemical free

The Shark Steam mop doesn’t use any chemicals in its cleaning process. It uses just the help of steam, and a natural mopping action to produce super-heated steam for 99.9% sanitization of your floors. You are thus confidant of a germ-free and a chemical-free clean-up.


  • Deep cleans all types of floorings including tile, vinyl, wood and linoleum in a single swoop.
  • Offers chemical-free cleaning
  • Cleans using only superheated tap water and its two-sided microfiber pads
  • Lightweight and easy to handle to clean dried spills, dust and ground-in dirt
  • Heats up in just 30 seconds and dries very quickly too
  • Automatically releases steam with push-forward motion
  • Has a one year warranty
  • Comes with 2 washable microfiber pads which lift and lock dirt
  • Easy to manoeuvre using its soft-grip handle
  • 25-foot power cord is easily released to clean lengthy areas and easily stored after use


  • Some complain of receiving a refurbished unit after ordering for a brand new one
  • Some units don’t produce steam or even warm up
  • Even if the steam comes out good and strong, it tends to fizzle out after a while
  • It’s not possible to get more power steam
  • The water tank flips upside down while flipping the mop head over, which makes the feature pointless

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Review of IRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The iRobot Roomba 650 should be a God-send if you are fed up of vacuum cleaners choking up on pet hair! Yes, if you are looking for a simpler solution to remove shed pet hair, this should be it.

This robotic floor cleaner functions on a winning combination of powerful brushes and suction which do not get clogged by pet hair and debris. In fact, this robotic vacuum cleaner was designed specifically for pet owners!

3 stage cleaning system

This machine runs on a three-stage cleaning system. It first loosens the material, secondly removes debris using its high power suction and thirdly ensures the area is thoroughly cleaned before moving on. So efficient is it at removing debris that it often picks up debris other devices leave behind!

Advanced sensors

The iRobot Roomba has an exceptional sensor system which detects the dirtiest areas on floors. By spending more time on the dirtiest areas, it cleans these areas as well as the rest of the flooring. By cleaning every section of the flooring, you needn’t return to clean up missed spots.

Push button control

Anyone can use the iRobot Roomba as it’s so easy to use, with a large button on its top. The button turns green when switched on, indicating it’s ready for use. If the battery goes low, the button goes yellow and turns red when the battery is dead.

Pressing the dock button sends the vacuum cleaner to the home base for storing and recharging purposes. Pressing the spot button programs the iRobot to clean only selected areas, perfect for small clean-up jobs.

Auto-schedule cleanings

Just press a few buttons to program and schedule the iRobot for a maximum of 7 cleaning sessions on your preferred dates and time.

Optimal suction power

The robotic carpet cleaner has a patented AreoVac feature with spinning brushes along its sides which loosens debris for the powerful suction to pick up. This design helps the iRobotRoomba 650 lift up all the dirt and debris other products usually leave behind.

Maintenance kit

A brush cleaning kit helps remove any debris stuck on the brushes. Maintaining the brushes helps ensure your robotic cleaner functions at optimal levels all the time.


  • Small and compact, weighing only 12 pounds
  • Works on any type or height of carpeting and on tile, linoleum and hardwood flooring
  • Automatically adjusts itself while moving between rooms.
  • Bin doesn’t need frequent emptying as it’s slightly larger than other models
  • Easy to use with a one touch start
  • Detects stairs, furniture and cords
  • Stronger suction power than other similar products
  • Beside its charging dock, the iRobot can be charged through an electrical socket and cord
  • 12 month limited warranty


  • A bit expensive
  • Takes a long time for battery to charge
  • It depth cleaning feature spends 45 minutes to an hour to clean an average sized floor
  • It may get stuck while moving from a carpet to a flooring surface.

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